Bandmates since childhood, Singer/Guitarist/Frontman Adam Prince and kid brother/drummer Ian Prince grew up in a musical family in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A grown-up move to the Twin Cities and various stints in well-known local bands (Manplanet and Houston) eventually led them back to what they know best: each other. They began Story of the Sea as a guitar and drums two-piece, initially noted for Ian’s famous airtight skills on the kit. The brothers then added stand-out bass talent John McEwen from Align to record their first LP.


They’ve been referred to as “genre-hopping” which is true enough, I suppose. There are shades of Jawbox’s trademark onslaught and the similar stage power of frequent bill mates The Life and Times. But there’s also The National’s remote, murky lyrics, and Nada Surf’s soft shimmer, even a Strokes-esque bounce here and there. Their sound is more an amalgamation of their vast personal influences than a pinpointed preexisting one. At times propulsive and anthemic, perfecting the tension and release of great 90’s rock. Other times studded with bouncy Curelike keyboards or a winning Squeeze cover. Chewy pop nuggets to soothe even the most jaded indie critic. At heart they’re a capital-R rock band; further blessed with shiny pop refinement, subtle soul roots and grooves, and geeky music-store talent. And at their best, they’re a capital-L live band. Ian’s knack for crafting perfect setlists makes for a brawny rumble of a show: each one different from the next, crowdwinning all.