Story Night is a dreamy, psyched out, soft rock-pop band from Minneapolis. Andrew Smith (vocals, guitar, composition), Taylor Christianson (vocals, drums), Patrick Horigan (keyboards), and Henry Ingber (bass) came together over the course of 8 months beginning with the friendship that Andrew and Taylor formed over their nerd-tastic love of magic and improvised storytelling, playing Dungeons and Dragons. Andrew was in the midst of mixing the album, and Taylor started a train of local players hopping on board. Before joining forces and forming Story Night, the four musicians have led their own paths through the Minnesota music scene. Andrew has been featured on The Current's Local Show under the name Almitra, has had his music placed in productions on WNYC radio, and played live on Radio K singing in the surf-grunge band, Naptaker. Patrick joined the group in January 2016, bringing the harmonic stylings of Robat and local funk band, Pho, of Paisley Park notoriety.