In 2009 Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck released the mixtape Bang The World as a free download off of their myspace site. The album contained internet meme sensations such as 'Lip Gloss' and 'I Like To Die', highly accessible hip-hop could-be hits. Since these party starting mind-altering pussy commandos rocked onto the Minneapolis scene in 2009 they've worked with your mother, your girlfriend, and pharmacists everywhere.

In a very short time SBRD/2%MUCK have generated a buzz amongst hipster indie intellects of every flavor. Gamer to gangsta, nerd or slut, they're every type of everything that everybody everywhere would like to hear. Spyder's lyrical ability has been compared to that of KC and Jo-Jo's if they were explosive rappers from the future. The combination of Muck's beats and Spyder's vocals took the Minneapolis indie-rap scene by storm. Their first official release, Grimeworld, was released by TGNP in the Spring of 2011, and it is as full of gems as any of their efforts to date.