$ota-Kold consists of 3 artists, $nook, Mckizzee, and Sonny Dayze. Originating from both the suburbs of Minnesota and the south of Houston Texas. $ota-Kold was created by Ryan Snook ($nook) and Jeremy Ness in 2010. From there $nook and Matt Mckee (Mckizzee) linked up and over the next 3 years of working together made 3 mixtapes: Shut Up And Listen, The AfterTaste, Bag Of Surprises. Over the years, the Dallas Launderville (Sonny Dayze) popped in and out of the music scene but always was apart of the $ota-Kold movement. For 2014 he has returned to $ota-Kold and is feature in "Bag Of Surprises". $ota-Kold is not only a group of hip hop artists but a group of fans, friends, business partners, as well as a movement and representation of where they are from and what they do. They have a unique style mixed with the main stream style everyone is used to. They are excellent performers as well which is the reason for the success and numbers they do bring to their shows. Performing well at venues such as First Avenue & 7th St Entry, Red Sea, Honey, Aqua, Elixir Lounge, and various house parties. Currently unsigned and independent, $ota-Kold in 2014 plans to make a dramatic movement into the music scene.