S. Madison (S Dot Madison) was born February 21st in Chicago, Illinois during Hip-Hop music’s emergence on the scene. S Dot was inspired by the great accomplishments these artists achieved and that furthered his dream to become a success in Hip-Hop. By the time S Dot was a teenager he made a name for himself by going from high school to high school in Chicago trading verses with the best emcees. He built a reputation as a punchline phenomenon gaining the title “Chi-Town’s Finest” which turned into “Chi-Town’s Pretty Fella.” Two years later he formed a rap duo called The Staff and released two mix-tapes, ‘Double Nickel’ and ‘Hi Haters.’

S Dot proved to be one of the better emcees in the Twin Cities by releasing freestyles over industry beats going harder than the established rappers. He was then faced with the challenge of writing songs to reach large audiences. In 2006 S Dot released ‘Wet Weight,' in 2008 'Win, Lose, or Draw,' and a year later came 'Hate Is the New Love' featuring underground smash "Deuces" featuring Rico Nevotion. In 2009 while pushing songs "I Drink I Smoke," "The Make-Up Dance," "Bet It Back," and "Don't Back Down" S Dot began working on The Nightlife album, which was released on StreetHistory.com October 10th, 2010. The Nightlife features "The Nightlife," "Bury Me in the Sky," and "Things I Wanna Do featuring Jeff Montoya, "Might Not Remember," "Thanks for Listening," "Demons & Angels" and much more.