Meet Slayter – everybody’s tour guide to the underworld of New York City. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Dyckman, Slayter is a solo artist here to share a bit of dark and sinister surrealism via his lifestyle and soundscapes with us. His music is a reflection of classic New York rap, revamped through the lens of his modern day experiences and coupled with sheer honesty over lush, moody production.

After gaining the attention of Jonny Shipes, founder and CEO of independent Hip-Hop label Cinematic Music Group in 2017, Slayter began working on his debut EP entitled Cold At Night. The goal for his forthcoming project, due out this summer, is to tell a poetic, self-aware narrative to listeners that invites them to join along in seeing where his Gotham City adventures take him. Earlier this year, Slayter released visual assisted loose singles “Baby Draco” and “Back Pain”. Both offer a taste of his indulgent search for clarity, and exposure to the obscure, fly, underbelly of his surroundings that are to come.