Ah, The Skullcranes. Formed by weekday benders going into the 4 A.M. hour disguised as "practices" in the year 2000, The Skullcranes has since done a few good things here and there. They have toured the upper Midwest when it was possible for the young men and have released three full-length records as well as been part of three compilations.

Staying true to the blue collar vibe that comes with living in a working class part of town just outside of Northeast Minneapolis, The Skullcranes have always did it their own way without too much consideration of outside "advice" or "ideas".

Releasing their fourth full length on Crustacean Records in May of 2009, The Skullcranes continue to pay homage to the "choice-ness"and the "faults depending on how you look at it" of where they are from. "Columbia Heights Nights" takes you on a ride in a huge gas guzzling pick up, drops you off at a bar where there is Belgian Beer on special then slaps you around before leaving you at a giant house party in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. Loud, fast, beer and cars, enough said. Sleeves optional.