Artillery Shellz(Christopher Bridges) A Chicago native who embraced music at the early age of 6yrs. old I know I wanted to be a entertainer. Performing dance steps & lyrics to 80's HipHop music videos in my living room is where it started for me. Growing up some of my biggest influences were RunDMC, ErikB&Rakim, KRS-1, SlickRick, Scarface (GhettoBoyz), Ice Cube & of course NWA. At the age 9 wrote my 1st rhyme who knew a hobby would change my life. Developing a skill at rhyming off the top of my head at the age of 14 sharped my vocabulary. Not being taken serious as a teenage I stuck to writing. At the age 22 I moved to Minnesota started working on my craft. Spending long days in the studio with a producer (Phoenix Blaq) taught me alot about Production and Recording. Soon after I started producing tracks at home and working on my engineering skills. By the age of 25 I started networking with local talent (SelfMade Hustlers) in St.Paul,MN. After co-writing and producing a track called "Ima Beast" ft.JohnnyP(Do or Die) for local artist and longtime friend Yung Taze(SelfMade Hustlers) in 2008 life change for me. I currently a man on a mission next artist on the rise who represent what music stands for in HipHop today hardwork.