Did anyone else notice that the World just got dark as fuck? The current state of soul crushing smog from armies of all-knowing donks and demagogues burning the world to the ground is … ugh. Shannon Lay is as overwhelmed by the modern world’s onslaught against life and love as we all are. She could have secluded herself in a shelter, instead, she made a record. Her first solo album, All This Life Going Down is a masterwork of hypnotically elegiac timeless tearjerker self-salvation songs that presents itself as a safe house for all of us like-minded discerning thinkers, and cave makers, and creators, and maker outers.

Previously best known for playing guitar in the band Feels (Castle Face Records), she started playing solo shows on the side, and began crafting lo-fi bedroom recordings. Brian Lee Hughes, co-founder of Castleface Records, and founder of Do Not Disturb Records was instantly struck by how her songs medicated his mood. “I didn’t just like it, I needed it.” Luckily, she was ready enough to record an album, and was DIY confident enough to keep its creation cocoon tight. She recorded and produced and mixed all the tracks live with her trusted buddy Jeffertitti Moon at his Mother-Hit Connection Studios in Echo Park. These garage minimalist mixes were then masterfully mastered by the master of mastering Howie Weinberg.

To celebrate the launch of the album, a cadre of creatives (Sandy Kim & Brian Lee Hughes & Palmtrees) combined to co-craft a couple art films that should serve as suitably soothing mind melter single take visual counterparts to Shannon’s songs.