Seawhores have been active since 1996 with 20+ albums, some on different labels with various locations around the country, some limited run presses on their own Here Than Anywhere label. There are three main members at this juncture including Charles Gehr, Cody Weigel, and Adam Marx. The prolific DIY Minneapolis band takes an approach with music that has enabled them to work with many different musicians and subsequently, given them the ability to stay interested in the ongoing progress of keeping things fun. 

Some of those people include: Brian Chippendale (Lightining Bolt), Matt Brinkman (Mystery Brinkman, Forcefield Mind Flayer), Freddy Votel (Skoal Kodiak, Cows), Dale Crover (Melvins, Porn), Jeff Mooridian (Vaz, Hammerhead, Coyote), Brady Lenzen (Skoal Kodiak, Collider). Each contributor has filtered their own voice into Seawhores’ fractured sound. Seawhores’ goals often entail commercial suicide, but always offer some interesting perspective into the expectations of a band at a show or on a record. The enigmatic godfathers of a scene that may or might not exist, Seawhores hope to stay the course of musical conceptualism and ongoing sound vomiting.