Seaberg is a hip-hop, alt-jazz, and neo-soul band featuring multi-instrumentalist Taylor Seaberg, bassist Justin Halverson, and drummer Jay Weiler. Under their former name of "People Will Dance," Seaberg's in-studio performance of their song "Vibes" was featured in City Pages' Local Frames and the Local Current blog's Friday Five music video roundups.

In late 2016, Seaberg released their first demoed recordings. The name of the EP - The People Will Dance Tapes - nods towards the origins of the band while looking toward the future. Songs like 'Fool's Gold' pay homage to the stylings of jazz guitarist George Benson melding social commentary about hook up culture along with breakup blues. Taylor showcases her auto-biographical lyrical abilities on tracks like 'I Don't Know' and 'Run.'

When not performing with the full band, Taylor can be found performing her solo original music under the same name.