Scrunchies is a Minneapolis-based punk rock supergroup featuring Laura Larson (Kitten Forever), Bree Meyer (Double Grave), and Danielle Cusack (Bruise Violet, Tony Peachka). 

“Larson was inspired to form Scrunchies as a way to channel post-election feelings of despondency and anxiety into a creative force for change and rebellion towards the “oppressive political climate and how it feeds into a toxic culture of racism and misogyny. [...] We wanted this project to be loud and aggressive and guitar-driven but also melodic and intimate.” [Rebellious]

“Scrunchies are many things: raucous punk rockers, impassioned feminists, music scene veterans. And if you didn’t know better you’d think they emerged, fully formed, as some sort of mythical boss-group with a full live set and an album, Stunner, ready to go only a few short months ago.” [City Pages, Picked to Click 2018]