You can tell there's a new era for SASSY 009 this time. "My music has never been a reflection on happiness," she says. This exact way of saying a lot of things in an easy way has not gone lost on the record either - and you don't always get the easy way. With that said, there is nothing obvious about SASSY 009.

You can sense her desire to enter the darkness, but firstly you feel the presence of her strong will. "I am allowing myself to explore different directions without making too many decisions on the way. That's how I find peace in where I'm at in my life right now. My music is absolutely an extension of that." There is just something haunting yet inviting about her way of conveying sometimes, almost abstract narratives. Her simple phrases leave you digging into an emotion you don't quite understand. But you know it's something.

There is no doubt that her progressive, clubby, almost cinematic productions in meeting with her unmistakable voice is what makes SASSY 009's sound as coherent and attractive as it is. Sunniva, her real name is, somehow manages to unite loads of undercurrents into a unified, easily consumes universe that simply makes you want more of it. And more. And more. "There's nothing as enticing as the things you don’t understand."