Sam Llanas (formerly of the BoDeans) is an iconic American singer, acoustic guitarist, and songwriter. Best known for his unique and distinctively soulful voice, It was Llanas’ voice that supplied the trademark vocal on Robbie Robertson’s “Somewhere Down the Crazy River.”

In 1997 Llanas founded the band Absinthe. As Absinthe Sam released one album, 1998’s critically acclaimed A Good Day To Die. In 2011 Sam Llanas left the BoDeans and released 4 A.M. (The Way Home) on Inner Knot Records. In 2013 he released the live retrospective 4/5 Live – Vol I.

In 2012 the music from 1998‘s A Good Day To Die was incorporated into a collaboration with playwright Doug Vincent and producer Gary Tanin in the production A Day for Grace. By 2013 the play had evolved to include multi-city tours and multi-week runs in New York City.

On November 18, 2014 Llanas released The Whole Night Thru, an all new studio record produced by longtime collaborator Gary Tanin. It features 9 new Llanas originals. The Whole Night Thru is Llanas’ first studio outing after parting ways with the band he co-fronted for over a quarter century. Shedding new light on a multi-decade career Sam returns to his roots adding a refined rock sound complimented by a full band, all veterans of both studio and live performance. Behind his lone-wolf image and tuffness, Llanas continues to hone his skills. A master craftsman that feels most at home in the city he’s always called home, Llanas has set the stage for fans to embrace his new identity.