When Sabyre Rae’s blues and jazz meanderings give way to her alt-country and folk roots, the result is a swampy, bayou-infused stomp all the way up the Mississippi River to the Heartland. With the soulfulness of Norah Jones, the swagger of Billie Holiday, and the Americana sensibilities of Lucinda Williams, the Minneapolis-based songstress draws from a vibrant palette of past and present musical influences of her debut EP Revel.

Accompanied by an All-Star band in drummer Chris Hepola (The Cactus Blossoms), guitarist Jason Madeiros (Bourbon County), and bassist Michael Carvale (Pokey Lafarge), Sabyre is poised to make her mark on the music world in 2017 and beyond. From opening track, “Bayou Labatre” to closing “Red Hanky,” Revel explores the musical terrains of Sabyre’s predilections, as well as the personal musings of a poet, romantic, and self-proclaimed gypsy soul. “For me, songwriting serves as the bridge between the ethereal and the physical,” Sabyre says. “Oftentimes, I will have parts of the song swirling in my head for days before it fully reveals itself.” It’s that process of creation and discovery which attracted the Chicago-born, Wisconsin-raised artist to music in the first place.

A former member of Jack Klatt & The Cat Swingers, Sabyre has toured Europe twice, while playing ukulele, guitar, and bass in multiple projects. Before settling in Minneapolis, Sabyre busked her way across the U.S.—from Portland, OR to Austin, TX—absorbing the diverse cultures and musical variables of America. You could say her path to Revel has been one of patience, persistence, and life experience! “All of the songs were written while traveling or going through a change in home, relationship, or job,” Sabyre explains. “I chose to include only the songs which hold a breath of a experience, while offering glimpses of where I’m headed influence-wise.”

A mainstay at Minneapolis institutions like 331 Club, Sabyre has developed a solid local following throughout the years, growing organically by nurturing friendships and being active in the community. In 2016, she received airplay on 90.3 KFAI and graced the stage at The Dakota Jazz Club. With regional tours and full-length album on the horizon, Sabyre Rae is offering a fresh perspective on modern songwriting by channeling her musical heroes—while sharing her experiences from a life lived in momentum and merrymaking.