Forming after a series of basement practices in New Jersey circa 2009, heavy psychedelic rock quintet Ruby the Hatchet mix the ominous and occult; landing on a sound best heard at a dark carnival, and reminiscent of early heavy metal a la groups like Rainbow, Deep Purple and Coven. The band features guitarist Johnny Scarps Jr., drummer and vocalist Owen Stewart, bassist Lake Muir and is trademarked by the howling, dynamic vocals of Jillian Taylor and wild organ playing of Sean (Lord) Kahn Hur.

In addition to constant touring with acts like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Black Mountain, Arthur Brown, The Sword, and Pallbearer, the band has had a prolific recording schedule - releasing a self-titled EP in 2011 and their debut full-length Ouroboros the next year. In 2014 they released The Eliminator EP independently, including a limited-edition release packaged in a wooden box filled with spooky and campy ephemera.

All of this made way for signing to Tee Pee Records for the band's 2015 effort Valley of the Snake, a deeper dive into an increasingly gritty stoner rock sound. Two years later Ruby dropped Planetary Space Child via Tee Pee as well, the group’s most prog-driven release yet.