Rich O’Toole, a country crossover artist with roots in Houston and College Station, was on the verge of superstardom in Texas. One million plays on Spotify. Half a million views on YouTube. 100,000 downloads on iTunes. Fourteen top ten hits on Texas radio. What does that all add up to? With “Cricket Song” and “In a Minute or 2” both hitting #1 on the charts, Rich found himself in an enviable position: having it made in Texas country. Instead, he found himself incensed in a PR battle with a threat to leave Texas country behind just weeks before Brightwork, one of his most popular records to date, was released. Funny enough, it was Brightwork, and the fan favorite single “Summertime Girls”, that pushed Rich beyond his creative boundaries and into becoming a nationally and internationally touring act. With its follow-up, Jaded, release in June 2014, the world has only had a taste of where Rich O’Toole will take his talents.