original independent rock music, established 1990 based in minneapolis, minnesota the united states of amerika

Rank Strangers celebrates their 25th year of existence with a trio of albums:
- Lady President (December 23, 2014) is Rank Strangers 9th full-length release and the first record of the trilogy.
- Part two: Ringtones will be released in May 2015 and distributed by MVD Entertainment Group.
- Part three: The Box to follow, summer 2015.

Nine Facts:

  1. Rank Strangers Target won a Minnesota Music Award for Best Album of 1997.
  2. Rank Strangers were the subject of cover story features in City Pages (1996) and The Pulse (2001).
  3. Rank Strangers Tucke Des Objekts, Die was selected as Best Record of 2008 by The Star Tribune.
  4. Rank Strangers had a star on the wall outside the venerable rock club First Avenue until the stars were repainted several years ago.
  5. Sometime in 2015, Rank Strangers will play their 600th show.
  6. Rank Strangers have released seven singles/EPs and have contributed music to numerous benefit/tribute/sampler projects.
  7. There have been 8 Rank Strangers: current bass player Davin Odegaard joined in 1994 and current drummer Shawn Davis joined in 2004; Mike Wisti is the original founding member.
  8. Rank Strangers/Albatross Recording founder Mike Wisti is the subject of the on-going film project known as “The Making of My Genius: The Movie”.
  9. As proprietor of Albatross Recording Mike Wisti has recorded over 300 records in the past 20 years by such luminaries as Lifter Puller, Brute Heart, Grant Hart, Lucy Michelle and Black Diet.

mike wisti: guitar/vocal, davin odegaard: bass/vocal, shawn davis: drum