The Progenitors formed in a basement in Minneapolis one summer because the drummer Cowboy had stated at a Turbojugend party (everybody in the band is a member of the Turbojugend Pig's Eye chapter) that "we have all these instruments (musicians really) just laying around and it would be a shame if we didn't produce at least one band out of this thing"


Rory started jamming with Cowboy and after making some progress together they figured it was time to see if their chapter president (and Cowboy's cousin) The Baron would come give the band a voice. The three of them wrote the first few songs and after some months, Stab inquired about becoming the bass player and eventually became a chapter member himself. The Baron's wife Cassie started coming to practice and proved to be a sturdy addition to the vocal section for a good amount of the songs and carved herself a permanent seat in the line-up.

At about the same time as The Progenitors founding, fellow chapter members Danny, Luther and Bill had formed a 3 piece surf rock act called "Hurricane Luther and the Trailer Park Destroyers." After many long talks about doing a split e.p. with each other, and making sure that it would not affect any prior commitments to the Destroyers, it became apparent that Hurricane Luther would be a perfect addition to The Progenitors sound and joined the band.