Pieta Brown is a striking poet-songwriter with a seductive voice and an unmistakable style. With one foot in her Iowa home and one in Alabama where she grew up, she is a mercurial sort--a free-spirited beauty who is both self-possessed and disarmingly unaffected. Not easily categorized, her music is a unique blend of alt-country, folk, blues and indie-rock that speaks to music fans around the world and has garnered rave reviews from the likes of the BBC and Boston Globe, as well as a variety of hip music blogs and indie radio stations. She was recently featured on Amos Lee’s new hit album Mission Bell along with Lucinda Williams and Willie Nelson and has toured with such diverse artists as Mark Knopfler, Ani Difranco, Calexico and John Prine.

After releasing the critically acclaimed album Remember the Sun (2007), Pieta caught the attention of legendary producer Don Was (Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt) and teamed up with him in 2009 to make Shimmer, an EP of stripped-down, just-formed original songs. It was hailed as “incisive and carefully crafted” (All Music Guide) and charted on both folk and Americana radio. With a one-two punch, (stepping seamlessly into the role of producer with right-hand man, guitar-slinger, Bo Ramsey) Pieta quickly followed Shimmer with the full-length album One and All in 2010. Released on CD and vinyl (a special limited edition 180 gram pressing), its hypnotic melodies and raw, soul-tinged grooves caught the attention of Mark Knopfler, who invited her to join him for his North American tour. She followed that with a string of dates with John Prine, a full orchestral show with Brandi Carlile and her own headlining tour of Australia.

Distinguishing herself from the crowd of singer/songwriters Pieta is being called "one of the best modern songwriters” (Sonic Boomers) and “a genuine talent” (iTunes). Or, as one of Pieta’s own songwriting heroes Iris Dement put it, “one of the best poets I’ve heard in a long damn time.” Even her own father, beloved folk icon, Greg Brown, recorded one of her songs on his new album Freak FlagWith the release of her album Mercury (2011), Pieta is making her mark as a modern American troubadour. With a deep abiding saturation in blues and folk beyond her years and a bit of hipster swagger, she continues to bend forms to suit her burgeoning and unmistakable style. From small-town stomp-downs to big city lights, you’ll find Pieta at home singing her songs wherever the music takes her. Continuously revealing new layers as both a performer and songwriter, Pieta Brown is an artist who transcends the times. You might recognize her before the show in jeans and a t-shirt, guitar and a notebook…or you might not, with her shadowy girl-next-door demeanor providing good cover. But once the music starts, there will be no question as to which siren is singing that song.