The newest member of the Sol Life record label, The Philharmonik brings a revitalizing sense of urgency and musical depth to the shallows of the current mainstream Hip Hop landscape. 2016’s self produced Good People sounds like John Legend had a time machine and traveled back to grab J. Dilla, pre-Kardashian Kanye West, and Fredric Chopin to have a jam session.

Already capturing the eye of West Coast music lovers and critics alike, the 23 year old phenom is currently working on the follow-up to the contemplative and soulful Good People. The Philharmonik’s self-titled release takes listeners on a journey from soulful R&B and runs the gamut to Funk and Trap to Trip Hop and Future House. Talented and versatile, passionate and personal, The Philharmonik is a refreshingly creative force whether singing, rapping, producing, playing keys, or engineering a session.