Patrik Tanner’s expertise as a producer stems from a lifetime of exposure to the music industry and steadfast commitment to the mastery of rock-n-roll craft. He is – without question – a prolific songwriter, master arranger and accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Perhaps more importantly, Patrik is also a devoted fan. He has a true appreciation for (and vast knowledge of) modern musical history and is dedicated to carrying the best aspects of it into every project he undertakes today.

Hundreds of wide-ranging influences can be heard in Tanner’s work. He has roots in sneering punk attitude but also the sentimental heart of a classic Country & Western storyteller. As such, he is able to bring raw spontaneity, integrity and heartfelt sophistication to the table in equal doses. From thrifty indie projects to large-scale ventures, and whether you are a singer-songwriter or full band, Patrik can offer rock solid, honest advice about your vision and your music… and help you to work within your budget.

Patrik delivers outstanding productions out of either the highest-end studios or via his own personal studio. Whether you require production know-how from start to finish, or simply some help filling in the blanks – even someone to provide specialized instrumentation on a particular piece – Patrik possess the versatility. His breadth of stylistic understanding is clearly evidenced by an extensive discography that intentionally avoids predictability. In addition to pressing eleven albums under the Tanner namesake, Patrik has produced nearly fourty CDs and played on countless more. Production credits include Martin Zellar & The Hardways, Tina & The B-Side Movement, Ali Gray, Scott Laurent, The Billy’s, Amber Halland, justincase and Jessica Harp (The Wreckers).

Born and raised in Sweden (itself a stronghold of pop perfectionism), Patrik grew up with a unique, outside-looking-in perspective on the expanses of American songwriting, and immersed himself in it early on. By thirteen, he’d already become something of a teen star, releasing bona-fide punk records on both Scandinavian and U.K. labels. At eighteen, Tanner moved to the U.S., and, soon thereafter, released two solo albums with his Los Angeles-based band. Upon relocating to Minneapolis in ’94, he enjoyed collaborative stints as guitarist with Martin Zellar and Sire recording artists Tina & The B-Side Movement, and also began his production career. In ’96, he formed the critically acclaimed Patrik Tanner & The Faraway Men. They have released three albums. Patrik has also released four solo albums.