The Paper Days is a five piece group from Northeast Minneapolis. Their unique instrumentation allows the group to explore new ground in music. With three independent songwriters, The Paper Days present a wide array of exciting and emotional music. The Paper Days write, rehearse and perform collaboratively, drawing on the strengths of each band member to create the best possible performance for their listeners.

Frontmen Scott Schmitz and Madeline Ramirez met in early 2010 as classmates at the U of M. They instantly became friends and musical partners. Madeline and Scott performed as the acoustic duo “The Archetypes” from late 2010 through spring of 2012. In early 2013, Scott approached U of M classmates Andy Lonning, Erik Schee and Mikhail Schee. The group immediately clicked, and the writing and rehearsing began immediately. The Paper Days are currently performing in local Minneapolis venues.