The hard streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota has been known to reach a state of deep freeze that is sufficient enough to meld elemental forms into one another, in turn, creating an all together new compound. Such has been the case in the metallic metamorphosis that has spawned Outside the Murder. The monstrous throat of Necromis/Sub-Level vocalist Chilton has bonded with the rhythmic force of drummer Brown, the pit driven grooves of guitar tandem - Bobick of Downcast & Ullman of Insurrect, and the low end crush of Hatred bassist Zedler. This solid core of seasoned musical veterans is hell-bent on bringing the groove back to metal music. Outside the Murder pull their influences from the roots of true metal, and are sure to strike a chord with those who have an appreciation of bands like Down, Acid Bath, Slayer, Pantera & Lamb of God. This is heavy hitting metal intent on driving the pit & crushing those in the way. So, if you dare to seek a fresh new approach to the mastery of metal music, simply look inside the groove, for that is where you will find.