My journey with unscripted theatre is one of chance. I started in 2013, when my mother (The Original Jeannie Retelle) signed me up for classes at Washington Improv Theatre in Washington, D.C. To be blunt, she wanted me to stop crying to her on the phone, about how I didn't have any friends in the city. And it worked. But after completing a year of training, I moved back to Minnesota, and figured that fun and different and exciting part of my life was over.

Then, while having coffee with a friend, she told me about HUGE. So I decided to start from scratch, and take 101. Then 201. And then 301. And finally, 401. Had it been another theater, I know that's where I would have stopped doing improv. But because HUGE is such an amazing venue and community, a couple of my friends from the classes decided to apply for Improv-A-Go-Go. And we got it.

After performing with a couple different groups, I decided to take a stab at doing something more focused: a duo. So I applied for IAGG again, under the name Two Of Spades. When my number was drawn, however, my partner couldn't make the first show. So I figured, "That's fine. I'll just do the first one by myself." And thus, The Other Jeannie Retelle was born.