Remember that one time when you went to your grandparents' house in Litomysl, MN, and their basement had wood panel walls with all those old Schell's beer plates, John Deere models, drab nature pictures and shit on it? You'd be walking downstairs thinking to yourself, "this carpet kind of smells a little musty - due to it being shag carpet from the mid-'70s - and they should really get that replaced for health reasons."

But, after digging around to find something to do, because you got tired of watching the same VHS copy of Homeward Bound you've been watching since 1994 and really didn't feel like crying at the end again, you found their record collection with an old Country LP on top (which was held together by a bunch of old trucker stickers), and you thought, "man, whatever happened to country music? I would really dig this stuff today if somebody played it..."