Brothers Austin and Alex formed The Noise FM in Fort Scott, Kansas, a town of 8,000 in southeast Kansas. Now we live in Chicago, but everyone knows we’re from Kansas because of our accents. Alex sings, plays guitar and keyboard, and does most of the computer stuff. Austin plays drums, sings and writes a lot of the music on bass guitar, but he doesn’t play bass guitar at live shows because he’s better at drums. We found Barry Kidd on Craigslist and put him on bass because of his rad name.

We released the full-length record Dream of the Attack in 2008 at a basement show in the “vintage mansion” we rented while going to school in Lawrence, Kansas. Our landlord called it “vintage” but it really just meant it was a fire hazard. Dream of the Attack is a mix of synthy indie-rock and dance beats. People seemed to like it, and a few tunes found their way into video games and television shows:

  • The synth-rocker “Simple Simone” is featured on the European-only release SBK ’09 Superbike World Championship on X-Box. The game’s not available in America, so we’re not sure if it actually exists.
  • “Only Human” is on Tap Tap Revenge 3 for iPhone, but none of us have iPhones.
  • The riff-heavy “Iron Lung” is featured in the Fox College Sports Best of 2009 television special. We think it’s a sports show.

In 2010, we released Enclave, which is a better record but was NOT featured on Fox College Sports. Still, Enclave was enough to get us named one of the top 25 artists to watch by and earned us the title of “Best Indie-Rock Band 2010″ by Pitch magazine in Kansas City, an incredible honor. We moved from Kansas the following week. The single “Time Will Tell” is featured in an episode of MTV’s Made. We don’t have cable so we haven’t seen it. “Time Will Tell” is also featured in a season 2 episode of the rebooted 90210. The episode features an all-girl rock band AND Rumer Willis, and it’s probably the greatest 41 minutes of television ever. The episode is called “Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees.” Look it up on Netflix.

We’ve toured the country several times over, playing SXSW, Summerfest and the occasional fashion show. One time we opened for Presidents of the United States of America. They stayed on their tour bus while we played. At SXSW we opened a sold-out show for ”surprise guest” Nick Cannon. THE Nick Cannon of “Drumline” and Mariah Carey. It was a weird show. After 3 years, a move to a city where we knew no one, and a couple mid-twenty existential crises, we’re set to release the full-length record, Attraction, in early 2014.