I have been a DJ/Turntablist since I was 14, started playing house parties and barbeques for friends and it only went on from there. Graduating to my first live performance in local venues like the, now deceased, Dinkytowner, Red Sea, Blue Nile, and the also now deceased, Urban Wild life. After highschool I immediately began college at The Institute of Production and Recording, this didn't turn out well as I ended up dropping out after only one year to work, save, etc. But the vinyl never stopped spinning through all of it. Not long after leaving IPR I began delving deep into the local scene, meeting people and networking, getting on mixtapes and albums and sitting in at shows or open mics as often as possible. I also work independently as a Wedding and Event DJ which is a direction I would like to continue going in just for side work.

I like to think that i have a Bruce Lee way of going about my musical endeavors, "The style of no style. Flow like water". I simply wish to push the envelope, as many other DJ/Turntablists are doing, of the acceptable mediums for DJs and Turntablists in general. As of the last 5+ years, I have stayed busy with my friend and collaborator Nobuddie, playing hundreds of shows and recording equally as many tracks, waiting for the right time and material to release to the public. My other main project, is arguably, the funkiest super-group in the Twin Cities, P.B. & The Jam. Having been a band for less than 2 years, we have accomplished much, played much, written much, and have garnered a bunch of acclaim because of it all.