Niki Becker is a garage pop folk-like singer/songwriter. Becker and her band fill her songs with intricate harmonies, textured guitars and powerful drums that color her playful, yet honest lyrics and haunting vocals. Born and raised in rural Minnesota and inspired by the country music of her childhood and the rock music of her teen years, she took these influences to heart when she began writing her own songs. Taking the stage for the first time in 2010, she quickly began booking her own shows and recording her debut album Good, released in October 2010. ​

Since then, Becker has released three more albums (2015's Reactor, 2012’s Sea Salt and the EP Intermission in 2013), made the Honorable Mentions list for Vita.MN’s 2013 Are You Local? contest, played festivals around the region (Stone Arch Bridge Festival, Mid West Music Fest, Keweenawesomefest), and is currently working on her next release with her band: lead guitarist Shawn Davis, bassist Bart Boutwell, drummer Sara Beth Horishynk, and backing vocalist Colleen Borgendale.

​ Niki can be found playing in rock venues with her full band, taking the stage solo with just her guitar, or joined by her lead guitarist and/or backing vocalist. "I’m a girl. Who plays music. In a band. With other people. I sing and play guitar. I write songs and as a band we arrange them. That’s how we do it. We are all from different places. We all do different things. We’ve been told we sound like Rilo Kiley, Ani Difranco, The Velvet Underground (oddly, I’ve heard this one the most), Kimya Dawson...mostly we sound like us. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen. Thank you." ​