If the anatomy of the metal chart of music is true, then Minneapolis trio Nightosaur would be a mix of all the sub-genres. [...] Some bands bash their songs against the rocks through over-complication; Nightosaur are simplistic in that they merely want to write good music.

[...] Nightosaur embodies the nature of these other metal -- and even punk -- bands, where they let the music speak for itself. More time is spent on playing and practicing music than they spend on trying to figure out how to market themselves or promote the band on social media. Their marketing team is mainly word-of-mouth from fans who catch their live show -- sometimes by accident.

[Bassist] John [Henry] says, "Most people have heard of us, but they have never actually seen us. They'll be at a show where we're on the bill, and will come up to us after we play and say, 'Whoa! I didn't know great you guys were! You have so much energy.' When we play, we have an obligation to have more fun than anyone else in the room. When you have that energy, it comes back to you."

Andy [Webber], the principal songwriter of the group, confesses that on past albums, he used to try to write metal songs, but has since stopped caring. In a drawl that belies this razor-sharp wit, he says, "We're just trying to write good songs, and if it fits into whatever it is we are, I don't think it matters. I don't even care if we're deemed as metal anymore. Good music is our ultimate goal." [Youa Vang for City Pages, Sept 2014]