Nick Leng's LEMONS (due out April 24, 2020) is more than just an album; emotive yet precise even in its idiosyncrasies: this powerful debut LP is a heady mix of throwback dream-pop, classically routed, singer-songwriter introspection, and beat-driven whimsy. Born of an emotional breakup, apartment fire and subsequent loss of a friend, the creation of this body of work is the result of personal odyssey through wistfulness, isolation, and ultimately a renewal of spirit.

Such is the unique allure of LEMONS: It is emotionally literate, musically impulsive, and creatively unpredictable. The South African born, Los Angeles-based artist’s debut full-length comes after two EPs, Tunnels and Planes and Drivers, which racked up millions of streams online and widespread support ranging from ID to Consequence of Sound to Vogue and Christian Dior.