Singer, songwriter, hip-hop/rap recording artist and clothing line entrepreneur Nathan John Mills aka “Nate Millyunz” was born in Tennessee in 1991. Nate acquired the South’s great passion for music at a young age. This passion followed him to Twin Cities, Minnesota where he moved at the age of six. During his upbringing Nate was constantly surrounded by dedicated musicians who taught Nate that his passion for music could be harnessed to express his own experiences and emotions.

Millyunz’ first forays into music were directly inspired by great American rock bands like Kansas and The Eagles (the first song Nate ever learned to perform being “Carry on My Wayward Son” by the former). However, Millyunz soon branched out and during the late 90’s began his, punk inspired, “skater” days. Nate’s love for bands like Blink 182, saw that his first days on stage were spent singing for several different punk, hard-core, and metal bands. It wasn’t until his junior high-school year that Nate began experimenting with hip-hop. By the time Nate entered senior year his skill had developed enough that, at the urging of his very impressed friends and peers, he got to work writing and recording serious material.

Since the start of his career a few years ago, Nate has been busy songwriting and recording with features from huge names like, PRS (formerly Tweet from R&B group next), Dizzy Wright, ModSun, and actor/rapper KeVo Da KiD. Nate Millyunz has released two EPs: Hollow Body Hip-Hop, and W.T.F.I.M.R.D and has had incredible success with the February 2014 release of his first full length album: The Distress Kit. The album is a concept piece inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, that contains an impressive variety that truly showcases the versatility that Nate brings to the music scene. Following his release of The Distress Kit Millyunz released his Waves E.P. , a collection of 5 singles including a banger that takes fans back to the 1990’s.

In the spring of 2015, Nate released his mixtape titled 50 Shades illustrating the 50 Shades of Nate as an artist and as an individual person. Millyunz wanted to show the world that he is not just a “rapper” but rather an artist of many shades with a true entrepreneur spirit as demonstrated by his clothing line, his ability to execute his own business plans to promote himself as an independent artist and his musical talent as a rapper, singer and songwriter.

Nate will follow up his 50 Shades project with the spring release of Evening Star Way named after the street he grew up on in his hometown of Farmington, MN. Nate has a variety of songs ranging from party bangers to easy listening tunes that tell his story and share his life experiences. As a rapper Nate is both dedicated and meticulous, his attention to detail shows in his music, as does his constant emphasis on metaphor rife punch-lines. He has performed many shows throughout the US alongside some incredible performers – including: MGK, Dizzy Wright, Caskey, Mike Stud, Jerron Benton, Ritzz, Snow Tha Product, French Montanta, Chris Webby, Mod Sun, Huey Mack, Honey Cocaine, Johnny Craig, Kyle Lucas, OnQue, Rapper DJ Unk, Kutt Kalhoun, NaPalm, Kosha Dillz, Six Reasons and Skaterrman. He has recently had the opportunity to perform on three tours with OnQue, Chris Webby and most recently Mike Stud.

Nate will be following up his album release with his first headlining tour that will hit 8 major cities in the Midwest to support the project.