Since 2008, All3n started pursuing his dreams as an entertainer writing and recording his own music. He has spent countless hours perfecting his craft, avoiding any obstacle that he’s came across. Teaming up along with other various artists has provided him with the versatility needed to survive in the music business. Working hard to establish a wide fan base, All3n has been busy creating songs that will help his fans get to know the real Kevin Graham. Kevin Allen Graham (born August 20, 1990) currently known by his stage name All3n is an inspiring artist looking to take the world on a journey giving them an experience of a lifetime! 


Kevin not only wants to accomplish his dream of becoming an entertainer, but to help others as well realize the possible is no longer impossible, and that everyone can accomplish their dreams if they work hard enough. Kevin has a wide taste in music resulting him in becoming more versatile than your average artists. Providing a different dimension to his music with his creative similes and metaphors keeps his fans coming back wanting more of All3n. Notorious BIG, Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, Neyo, Drake, Jay-Z, just to name a few are some of the artists he looks up to. With an acting background, Kevin is able to capture his audience with his wild and unique stage presence. Kevin is striving to become one of the best entertainers known in the music industry making sure that he leaves a lasting impression when his music career is all over. Please tune in frequently with what is going on with All3n’s musical adventure We appreciate all of the love and support you have showed to us in this journey!