Garage-psych acolytes Narco States' first LP, Wicked Sun, takes everything that was exciting about Narco States’ debut 7-inch, drives it all into the desert at night, pumps it full of DMT, and holds its eyes open as the sun rises. The churning organ, the wailed yowl, the wild guitar solos all return, but they’ve grown. Narco States are a band that demands attention. Original drummer Justin DeRusha returns to join Nate McGuire (guitar), Nick Sampson (bass), Aaron Robertson (organ) and Michael Meyer (vocals, guitar). Robertson and DeRusha‘s production work reflects their wild and unpredictable live presence. This is a distinctive and pummeling rock n’ roll album that will find strong admiration from fans of The Stones, The Stooges, Sabbath, Iron Butterfly and The Cramps.