Musette the "Mistress of Mischief" is part sideshow sweetie performing on her dainty bed of nails and eating fire as well as part vintage, vaudeville vixen doing her worst to make a crowd gasp or giggle with her bumping back side wiggle. Minneapolis burlesque darling Musette has performed in hundreds of shows from the sparkly streets of NYC to greater midwest and aims to slay the unaware as well as the initiated with her bountiful burlesque charms and cheeky humor.

Musette is also the proud producer for the monthly Midnight Muse Burlesque show in Rochester, MN. Taking the town by storm by bringing in the best in burlesque from the greater midwest, as well as a slew of other talents to her stage Musette emcees and amuses audiences with ridiculous burlesque inspired contests that get the crowd all riled up and randy. Musette's playful costumes and expressive manner on stage has earned her performances in NYC, Chicago, and St Louis. Musette has gleefully shared the stage with all of the Twin Cities most loved burlesque troupes since 2005 and has produced her own events since 2008 under "The Midnight Muse Presents."