More Than Lights is made up of artists Natalie Fine and Haitian-born UnicusHarry, and producers Joshua Holmgren and Corey Hess. Together, they make all sorts of fresh music. It brings together everyone from hip-hop heads to hippies, and everyone else under the sun. Succeeding in forming their own niche by creating songs spanning many musical genres, More Than Lights has consistently performed their contagious signature high-energy show provoking crowds all across the country.

"Local hip-hop collective More Than Lights are doing things differently from the crews that came before them in the Twin Cities. They're leaving the egos out of the music and bringing back instrumentation and melody in a way that's uplifting yet smart. And Minneapolis and St. Paul aren't the only cities to notice: MTV has featured the band's music on several episodes of The Real World." [Jen Boyles, City Pages Minneapolis/St.Paul]