Moon King is the synthpop project of Toronto-born singer & producer Daniel Benjamin. Voice Of Lovers (2019) is his second release since embracing underground disco and synthpop, recorded between Toronto & Detroit following the release of "In & Out", his 2017 debut track for Arbutus Records. In the early 2010s, Daniel was part of the flourishing electronic music scene in Montreal, performing as a touring musician with Grimes, Sean Nicholas Savage, and Doldrums, all while beginning to write & produce his own music. A 2016 move to Detroit and immersion in that city’s vibrant dance music and DJ culture soon began to influence his own recordings.

It’s clear upon listening to Voice Of Lovers that Daniel is constantly learning & borrowing as he listens to music, synthesizing something fresh out of dollar-bin disco & new wave, boogie & euro sleaze. With each track comes the feeling of discovery, of finding that just the right acid-soaked synth or muted snare fill can give a track a little more bounce. First single “Neon Lights” brings into focus the slower, hazy nights alone at home with a stack of records, gearing up for a night out or the twists & turns that follow as Voice Of Lovers unfolds.

“there are a lot of quick cuts and transitions and the songs are pretty short. it's meant to feel a bit breathless or disorienting, like driving around and dropping in at a few different clubs in a night. lyrically the songs are little stories from the last couple of years...... trying to live in the US as a non-citizen, listening to records at the apartment in Hamtramck, late nights out at parties like Freakish Pleasures and Macho City, trips with the crew to Montreal, being on tour during the 2016 US election, spending the holidays alone in Detroit, the deaths of George Michael & Prince and the unfinished Moon King record from 2015. it's dark and fun and a little nihilistic but ultimately positive.”