After a seven year wait, Pennsylvanian punk outfit Moistboyz unleashed their fifth release, Moistboyz VAs on prior outings, most songs are vintage punk and metal in tenor marrying vocalist Guy Heller’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics to ass-whup riffing and ferocious lead work from multi-instrumentalist Mickey Melchiondo (Ween). But on Moistboyz V they also address other musical styles including country-tinged folk rock on songs like “Down On The Farm” and “My Time To Die.” Special guests include Chuck Treece on drums on “Protect and Serve,” “Medusa,” “Garbageman” and Joe Kramer on guitar on “Protect and Serve,” “Chickendick”, “Down on the Farm,” and “My Time to Die”.

Founded in 1992 by Heller and Melchiondo, Moistboyz have recorded and released two EPs (Moistboyz I & II), two full albums (Moistboyz III & IV) and a live concert DVD devoted to their patented brand of punk and metal flavored alternative rock. Past touring versions of Moistboyz have included members of Queens of the Stone Age, Sound of Urchin and The Ween and the current live line up will consist of Guy and Mickey joined by Mondo Generator bassist Nick Olivieri and drummer Michael “Hoss” Wright, along with guitarist Stephen Haas, who mixed the new album.