What's good world its ya boy Mic Lyric. I've always had a passion for music ever since I was little...but coming up through high school I was known for being dominant @ sports, so only my closest friends new about my secret love for the mic. I got serious with my music after I tore ma ACL ma first year of college ball. I was real discouraged after that, but music helped me get through it. My guy Nick Rosario (Jax) first put me on with the whole studio process. He knew I was dope with poetry so he told me ta spit it on the mic. So I did, and have been in love with it since. Performing gives me a rush like no other, especially wen I'm ripping shows wit the bro's...n of course the lovely Miss Poona!! I dedicated ma flow to my bestfriend, Deallo D. Felder, who was killed in an auto accident last April. I do dis fa you bro!