Ambitiously battling to emerge as a respected lyricist and emcee from North Carolina, Mez has managed to differentiate himself with a righteous delivery unsullied with superficial content too familiar these days in popular music. Instead, the young emcee brings to the table a flow far more personal, executed with a demeanor that demonstrates he deserves every ounce of respect he’s ever received.

From collaborating with esteemed producers J. Cole, Ski Beatz, Oddisee, Omen, Soundtrakk, to his recent features with XXL, MTV, Spin Magazine, Complex Magazine, Life + Times and the New York Times, Mez, a Warner/Chapell signee, has built a network of talent around him while honing his skills and staying true to his unique sound. To add to his network, he has collaborated with clothing brands Stussy, 10Deep, and Raleigh Denim.

In addition to perfecting his lyrical skillset and occasionally stylin’, Mez’s music video can be seen in heavy rotation in Foot Lockers and Foot Actions across the United States. With three incredibly solid releases under his belt (The King’s Khrysis 2011, My Everlasting Zeal 2012, Long Live The King 2014), Mez is steadily marching the path paved by his NC forefathers, with no signs of stopping where the sidewalk ends.

In 2014 Mez was chosen by the legendary Dr. Dre to help him to create one of the most anticipated albums of the decade, Dr. Dre’s third studio album, Compton. Mez was not only a key writer on the entire album writing 14 out of the 16 songs on the project, but he was also featured 4 times on the project. The album was very successful debuting at number 2 on the billboard charts as well as being nominated for a Grammy and going gold in only a few weeks.

After displaying his skills on Compton he was then asked to help create music with Kanye West for “The Life of Pablo” as well as working with music giant Diddy, just to name a few. Most recently Mez has released his much anticipated two song EP titled Data Plan .001 which is the first of a two song EP Data Plan series that will be released every month for the rest of 2018. The EP has been well received and has gotten much play-listing from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music as well as coverage from Complex, Hypebeast, XXL, 2Dopeboyz, and many more.