Joshua Bryant a.k.a. Merg Toast was born in Davenport, Iowa on Feb. 3rd 1982; at New Mercy hospital. growing up in a family of five children and two adults life was not destined to be easy. the relationship between his mother (Jurline Bryant) and Father (Donald Bryant) was not the greatest and was on rocky the year 1986, his parents have gotten divorced. after that his father had lost his job working at AT&T and was forced to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1987. after arriving to Minneapolis, life was a lot different from the country. that is when he learned that growing up would be a process. with his father bringing a minor drug addiction along, which had later gotten worst, this led to many struggles. Due to the struggling his three sisters enlisted in the military to escape the harsh reality of life. his sisters leaving kind of took a toll on his life. Since his mother was stuck back in Davenport, Iowa a lot of the time Joshua Bryant (Merg Toast) started searching for a family to show love to and also receive love, but the only place ha had known to search was the streets. later on in life he had found local gangs, and ended up in and out of jail. Joshua Bryant (Merg Toast) spent ten years dealing with the legal system. through out all of this struggling one positive thing he found was his passion for music. at that moment he began to try playing any and every musical instrument in site. after a while he gained knowledge of many different music programs. that is when producing and composing beats started. now, from already shutting down a lot local talent, Joshua Bryant (Merg Toast) began to write his own lyrics instead of the usual freestyle. later he started a record label and started throwing local showcases. as much as he likes, he doesn't know everything, so ha had to enroll in college, to take on the music business program, and is currently hanging in there.