Brace got his start emceeing in 1995 at the age of 17. Originally dubbed MC Duckshot, his name was immediately changed after he broke his neck in an automobile accident and was placed in a halo "brace" for 4 months. He is one of the founding members of the Jungle Vibe Collective aka JVC Crew formed in 1996. JVC was the first D&B/Jungle crew in the Twin Cities Area. They were featured on MTV in 1997 and responsible for some of the most infamous Jungle Raves (Murderapolis, Inside the Ride, Natural Selection, Hi-Jack, ect.) in the Midwest to date.

When the JVC came to an end in 98, Brace continued to emcee, record and promote D&B events. His pure dedication to Drum & Bass has motivated him to continue to push the music forward for over 15 years. His mic presence, rapid fire delivery, distinct style and lyrical arsenal have put him on the top shelf of American D&B emcees. He has played across the Country and beyond alongside local, national and international DJ's and MC's from the late Nineties through the present day. Currently, Brace is a resident emcee at Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis which he brought to the City in 2006. He hosts the Night with MC Hyde and resident DJ's Easyrider, MBC, Blaze One, Modest, & Will Smoke every other Wednesday at First Avenue's Record Room.