"Mar Habrine (a.k.a. Soaking Rasps, Smoldering Wreath, and member of Mpls. groove-noise trio Skoal Kodiak) delivers nine totally crucial and meditative tracks of distinct slippy-dubby electronics and deep murk-gurgle jams. Minimal non-beats and hard stereo panned gargling, loopy lazer beam hymns and deep tone-load zoners. This is heavy head music. A jungle of filters and leaky capacitors conjures invisible bass players playing invisible grooves, soaring zurna mantras, hissing tea pots and hypnotic electro-grizz rhythms that demand involuntary body movement. So, so good. The world has been patiently waiting for a take-home Rasps experience.

After years of performing on the regular both solo and collaboratively under the Soaking Rasps moniker, Mar finally laid these springtime essentials to tape, and the sun shines a bit brighter for it. Three cheers for tangible evidence! These recordings include some disarmingly musical work, lovely and focused pow-wow sessions. Hits the streets with days to spare before the upcoming "Heavy Focus" festival in Minneapolis, MN. Real time duplicated black shell cassette comes with full color labels and matching full color double sided card stock J-card featuring some pretty strange future-surrealist artwork that lends a definite "sci-fi" mood to the sounds contained within. Not science-fiction as in boring cosmic synth dreamy nothing-ness, but science-fiction like beautiful naked cat-women huddled en-mass on a distant barren planet. Really weird." [Lighten Up Sounds, 2011]