MAN/MIRACLE is a group from Oakland, California, formed by childhood friends Tyler Corelitz and Dylan Travis in the winter of 2006 with Ian Benedetti and Brian Kennedy in Santa Cruz, California. The guitar based four-piece treads the fine line between pop and noise, gorgeous melody and abrasive, aggressive walls of sound, all tempered by Corelitz’s innate and eclectic rhythmic ear. These tendencies are evidenced on their debut album The Shape of Things released on Third Culture Records. Produced/Recorded/Mixed by Eli Crews (WHY?, Deerhoof, Buelah), The Shape of Things is the perfunctory point for new listeners to the band: at turns raw, catchy, literate and bizarre, they are testament to the group’s refusal to be pigeonholed. Until now, Man/Miracle has preferred to remain discreet with their recorded output, releasing only very limited runs of their first (now sold out) EP and 7″ record ‘Pushing and Shoving.’ Fortunately this means an increased focus on perfecting their live shows, which have become renowned in the Bay Area for their unhinged energy and cathartic chaos. With the release of their debut album and string of tour dates, Man/Miracle is poised to deliver their unique sound to the world outside of the Bay.