For Lydia Hoglund, the budding 17-year-old songwriter who is getting ready to start her senior year at both Central High School and McNally Smith College of Music, where she is part of a post-secondary program, her journey into the great unknown extends far beyond academia. Hoglund began taking classes at McNally Smith last year, and already has worked closely with adjunct songwriting professors Brian Laidlaw and Jeremy Messersmith to refine her craft. Her band, Bomba de Luz, has released a debut EP and are about to drop their full length album, What a Heavy Weight.

Within hours of receiving her first airplay on our very own Local Show, Hoglund was tapped by Stef Alexander, a.k.a. Doomtree heavyweight P.O.S., to collaborate on a new project. “It was a school night, and I was already on a high because it was our first Current play, and then P.O.S. just tells me to call him, and I was just like, oh my god,” she gushes. “I just didn’t believe it was happening. He was like, 'I’m going to get straight to the point -- I don’t just want to do a song, I want to do a whole project. I’m going to make beats for you, and then you’re going to sing.' And I was just like, heart attack! It was so insane.” She shakes her head and lets out a giddy laugh. “I felt, literally, like I was Justin Bieber and he was Usher.” A singer whose ethereal, elastic voice carries traces of emotive songsmiths like Jeff Buckley and Sharon Van Etten, Hoglund’s abilities belie her young years. [Andrea Swensson, July 2012]