Lydia started playing guitar at 14 and writing her own songs at 15, which lead to co-founding Bomba de Luz her sophomore year in high school with a group of friends. Bomba de Luz came together to develop a sound influenced by folk, rock, jazz and blues and played the “Best New Bands of 2012” showcase at First Avenue and The Basilica Block Party in 2013. The group will be releasing new work in 2014.

Lydia possesses a youthful exuberance and genuine honest self-expression that sometimes seems lacking in Indie music today. Intertwined with this youthfulness is a maturity in her songwriting and subject matter that many might not expect from someone so young. There’s a hint of James Buckley in moments that make you realize that she’s not just singing and writing, she’s listening.

Lydia is currently collaborating with P.O.S. (Rhymesayers) and is developing and recording a solo EP that is a deviation from the sound of Bomba de Luz, with a contrast of her smooth voice lacing more aggressive and thicker accompaniment. There are no projected release dates for these projects yet but you can expect to be hearing from Lydia in 2014.