BORN AMERICAN is a collection of songs by nomadic songwriter, Luke Redfield, recorded between 2007 and 2013. During these illuminating years, Redfield traveled up and down the coasts and Heartland of America ― talking with strangers, sleeping under the moonlight, and absorbing the Ethos of the continent which birthed him.

Now, for the first time, thirteen spirited tracks come together to tell a story of grit and splendor, love and landscape ― a story that is as much a microcosm of America as it is a tearing down of borders, reaching beyond country and concept altogether. The album features members of Andrew Bird, M Ward, and Bon Iver, with vocals by Haley Bonar and production by Eyedea. The tracks, recorded in Minneapolis and Austin, were co-produced by Jeremy Ylvisaker and Gary Calhoun James, respectively.

Highlights include the songs "Four Cities," as featured by hit TV series Californication, and "Cowboy Song," which appears in the film Animals. Opening track "Walk in Love" is a clarion call for world peace and album finale "Down the Line" is a rollicking-fun railway tour of the Great Lakes region near Redfield's birthplace, Duluth. Because of the broad scope of material included, Born American serves as a great introduction to Redfield's diverse catalog, as well as a "Best of" compilation for longtime fans.