Most artists think about the future. Luke Christopher lives in the future. With a soulful croon, brazen bars, and impressive musicality, the half-black and half-white Los Angeles-born singer, songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer soars above all boundaries. Luke's genre-less and border-less vision defines his 2017 full-length debut, TMRWFRVR [ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records]. “TMRWFRVR is the future,” he affirms. “That future is acceptance. I've always wanted to change the world in a positive way. It’s more than just an album. Man, I want to give, and I want make people feel like they belong through music. It doesn’t matter what race you are, what you believe in, or who you love. If you’ve got love, you’re TMRWFRVR. It's a movement.”

That movement quietly went worldwide galvanized by a series of buzzing independent mixtapes such as The Wonder Years Pt. 1 and TMRW TMRW and his 2015 YSTRDY and TMRW major label EPs. Influenced by everything from Kanye West, Tupac, and Frank Ocean to Nirvana, Elton John, and Queen, his D.I.Y. approach enchanted listeners everywhere. After a 2016 feature on the influential YouTube channel FaZe Clan, his breakout single “Lot To Learn” instigated a viral storm. To date, it has clocked over 180 million Spotify streams and 11.5 million YouTube/VEVO views. Along the way, he garnered praise from the likes of Interview Magazine, The Fader, Billboard, Mass Appeal, and Vibe who dubbed him “The West Coast’s Next Big Thing.”

Maintaining a clear, cohesive, and comprehensive vision, Luke performed, wrote, and produced all 15 tracks, including “Lot to Learn.” As a whole, the record represents a creative milestone. “I took my time,” he explains. “When I put out a full-on project, I have to make sure it’s timeless. I want it to have a lasting impact on people. I sat down and made the textures feel like the future. I knew what sound that I wanted. I think that’s why subconsciously I produced every song on the album." The first single “Waterfalls” ebbs and flows between a heavenly beat, shimmering keys, and slick rhymes as the MC carries a vivid and vibrant hook, “Love is me and you babe.”

“It’s a ballad of real and fake love,” he continues. “A lot of times, you get in a relationship and it seems one way, but it ends up being the complete opposite. It’s not all beautiful moments, fancy getaways, an incredible romantic gestures. If it is real love, it will last. If it’s not, it won't.” Elsewhere on the record, he energizes “Lost” with an unshakable bass line and rock spirit, while spouting off lyrical wisdom. A centerpiece of the album, “Heartbreak Fiction” illuminates his knack for storytelling. Charismatically sharing raw and real emotions through undeniable music, Luke ultimately ignites the TMRWFRVER movement through the album. “When fans hear this, I hope it makes them love who they are,” he leaves off. “Every time that I listen to an album that I love, I feel better. I want them to feel better. I won’t let anybody stop me. I’m standing up for people. Bro, we’re in this life together.”