Brooklyn’s Lost Boy? (questions - so many questions, man) is the project of singer/guitarist/song constructor, Davey Jones (also in Baked - a band I recently said some nice words about - because that band is also good - and I like being nice about things that are good). Currently a band of four, Lost Boy? make lo-fi warbled pop punk that can be fuzzy and messy, but they’re always sung with sunny clarity. Sure, things get a little unhinged sometimes, but the strong melodies are always there, man. 

Clearly a fan of Daniel Johnston (Lost Boy? recently covered DJ’s “Big Business Monkey” and posted pictures of Jones and Johnston hangin’ out, chill style), the music of that legendary DIY guy might be a good comparison for Lost Boy? to get things really rolling and cooking and baking around here. They both rock a similar off kilter, micro pop situation. I don’t know if micro pop is a thing - like micro cinema - or micro machines - but it should be. [Oh My Rockness]