Aaron Litschke launched his career from the trenches of the mid-90s Midwest rave scene as both a DJ and promoter. Now an underground veteran, his storied experience fuels his energetic mixing style and shapes his musical knowledge and deep track collection. Aaron is known for blending classic tracks with new and unreleased cuts. His layered blend of techno, house and acid has taken him across America: from Chicago to Portland, San Diego to Detroit. Behind the decks, his enthusiasm is infectious. Aaron mixes with an intensity that is not only heard but felt, resulting in unforgettable crowd experiences.

Emerging from the in-focus hotbed of Minneapolis, home to other notable techno heavyweights such as Dustin Zahn and DVS1, Aaron Litschke is on course for big things in 2014. After honing his productions over the last several years, early 2014 will see the release of four new EPs; an EP on Drumcell’s / Raíz Acid Droid Recordings, another on DJ Hyperactive’s 4 Track Records, with others to follow on SecreTechno and Format. With these production efforts sure to gain notice, Aaron Litschke will soon be known as both a DJ and producer on the rise.