The winter lasts for almost an entire year in the great state of Minnesota. It comes quickly in the fall with a sharp bite, grasping and squeezing the very breath from the land only to release but briefly in the late spring. In spite of the State’s mind numbingly bitter cold months the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul continue to be a national music hotspot exploding with evolving artists of all genres in one of the nations most modest inspiring and groundbreaking markets with rich culture and history. It may be no surprise to some then and entirely a surprise to others that located one hour and fifteen minutes south on highway 52 on a calm day in the smaller sleepy working city of Rochester original talent is also resonating.

The Listings, are an original group officially formed in early 2013 by a trio of local musicians who all shared one desire, to write and play “good” music well. Becoming a concept considered widely subjective by nature was the main focus of the members and after initial conversations and sessions it became apparent that that music would soon evolve from the passions of each individual deeply rooted in blues, rock, and folk influences. The Listings sound, made up of drums, six-string and bass guitar, harmonica, and multiple vocal styles can be described as warm energy driven grooves that form a backbone for modern lyrical stories about life, the seasons, love and love lost. Drawing from influences including legends John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles as well as modern artists such as The Lumineers, Gary Clark Jr., and Dawes the group strives to mold their own brand of Blues-Americana Rock.

The Listings live stage show is fun for all ages and combines original high energy blues/rock boogies with stripped down Americana/folk pieces as well as classic and modern favorites appealing to many different musical pallets spanning generations. This fact in part gives the group it’s name celebrating the many artists past and present which make up or have made up and graced the Billboard’s top charts. Whether the agenda calls for a night club, bar, concert hall, or park festival The Listings fully intend to entertain, promote a good time, and perform at a high level playing good music.